Thursday, August 9, 2007

14er Project Pregame

When I catch myself waiting for things to happen, I am overcome with sheepishness. Sheep. Animals of the field. Found in a flock, herd, clump. Munch munching through the day with occasional wary glances shown over wooly shoulder. Several weeks back, while waiting for phone calls, emails, plans or invitations, I sniffed the distinct odor of sheepish self pity. Time to move! Ready now to resurrect last summer’s forgotten project. The 14er Project. 14 14ers in 14 days…It has a nice ring to it! I have these 14 days, will it be done? 100 miles and 46,000 vertical feet? Maybe. Does the prospect of leaving the project unfinished cause concern? Nope. This will be a 14 day pilgrimage. Clear air, clear mind, and only competition-free walking. Pilgrimages are paths with waypoints but the destinations are as much internal as geographical. What do I hope to gain? Stronger quads. Good conversation on the trail. A readjusted attitude set for the upcoming school year. Maybe even a sheep sighting or two.

Enjoy my stories!

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