Thursday, August 9, 2007

Shout Outs

Wendy Chi - for hiking 9.5 14ers with me and for being a good friend

Donna Siglin - for camping in the rain and hiking Mount Sherman even though it was hard!

Diane Friedman - for your energy and companionship

Mom and Dad - for daily phonecalls to make sure I made it

Brother Todd - for dinner and housing and calling to make sure I wasn't reported missing by the Summit Daily

Kim - for good company and checking in on me

"Trout" - for romantic promises in a bar and the shot of JD

The Lovely People of Big O Tires in Frisco

Haven - for conversation and invitations

Scott McNabb - for a ride up the "easy 4WD road"

Jeff the Jackrabbit, Johnny and Sir Lancelot - new hiking friends on an epic traverse!

Jane and Jim - for a ride down the "easy 4WD road" and for good spiritedness in general

Tom and Justin - campfire camraderie

Jaye and Koda - my dog friends and all of the people who helped in the owner search

Everyone who called my voicemail to see how I was doing

Everyone I talked to on the trail

People of Minneapolis

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