Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day 14: 8/7/07: Rest and Post Game Thoughts

A few days after I returned to Boulder, my mom asked me, “Have you recovered from your trip?” While I have the scrapes and sore knees prove that my body is still recovering, I answered her by saying, “Mom, the climbing trip was my recovery process – it’s being back that doesn’t feel quite right”. I had an epiphany along these lines close to the summit of La Plata – a feeling of euphoria washed over me and I realized: This is my element. I’m struck often by dramatic landscape and have a romantic attachment to the idea of outdoor endeavors as a restorative, self-defining process. I’ve come back changed before – Oxford and my year traveling in Europe, India, Central America – all have done it. However, this time, the change was less cultural and more spiritual - to commit to a concept that these peaks are “my element” makes going “home” to happy hours, driving a car, working, paying bills, living alone feel ironic. Living that simple life of up-with-the-sun, asleep-with-the-sun, vigorous physical activity, healthy food, clear air absolutely cleared my mind of the cobwebs built up in front-country life. Now that I am back, I guess my dilemma is to remember to use this experience and the memories of it as a touchstone – and start planning the next epic outing!

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